Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Sunday, 29 May 2011


It was so funny for me when I found the photo of Chanel's new ring yesterday. I know it's so beautiful and luxurious, but also quite similar to my recent works :-) Nevertheless, it costs over 2.000 $ and is so impractical. Ok, mine also are not practical, but rather becouse of their weight. I have to work on my own logo which will dangle from the chain :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I met over 70 years old lady in a T-shirt "I LOVE NASTY BOYS"

 So elegant earrings with big Swarovski cristals (Ball, 14 mm, Jet) and chain tassles. Lenght - 12 cm :-) Price - 12 €. / SOLD

An unique ring with Swarovski cristals (Ball, 14 mm, Cristal; Briolette, 10 mm, Violet AB & Briolette, 6 mm, Cristal), murano glass balls, hematite balls. Price - 15 €. / SOLD OUT

A beautiful ring with Swarovski cristals (Briolette, 16 mm, Amethyst), murano glass balls, clear glass and an amethyst pice. Price - 15 €. / SOLD OUT

Friday, 20 May 2011

The breath of the past year

The lovely photos taken by Anna Äärelä for the collection "The secret lies with Charlotte" by Elina Äärelä last year. The model wears my jewellery from the "Waterworld" collection :-)
Some items are possible to be made again :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I need some heat to go my way...

 A cute ring with pink marble, frozen glass and Swarovski pearls (White, 6 mm). Size of the ring is adjustable. Price - 10 €. / SOLD

 A summer ring with lots of little Swarovski cristals (Bicone, 6 mm, Olivine), forozen glass, Swarovski pearls (Green, 6 mm) and glass beads. Size of the ring is adjustable. Price - 10 €. / SOLD

 A colorful necklace made of quartz. Price - 18 €. / SOLD

A colorful bracelet made of quartz. Price - 10 €. / SOLD

Monday, 16 May 2011

Chocolate saves life!!!

 An unique necklace with a bronze plated, glitter camera. Size of the camera - 3,5 x 3 cm. Length of the chain - 70 cm, but it may be shorter if you need. Price - 10 €. / SOLD

 You know, I love keep-on-rocking stuff. A great necklace with a big, glitter guitar pendant. Size of the guitar - 6 cm. Length of the chain - 70 cm. Price - 10 €. / SOLD

 The romantic earrings with feathers and cristal tassels. Length - 11 cm. Price - 10 €.
A big cameo necklace with little cristals. Lenght of the pendant - 9 cm. Length of the chan - 70 cm. Price - 13 €. / SOLD

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Live becouse it's so exciting!

 A super-cute bracelet with white pearls and a lovely rose. Fits to each wrist! Price - 12 €. / SOLD
 The elegant earrings with glass cristals. I see them as a great gift for Mother's Day :-) Price - 8 €. / SOLD
 So sweet little earrings with modeling clay roses :-) Price - 5 €. / SOLD OUT
 A romantic necklace with a hand painted horse pendant and a lucite rose. Price - 16 €. / SOLD OUT

A necklace designed by Dani Dörner :-) with polymer clay orchids, lots of Swarovski cristals, frozen glas, blue marble balls and bronze plated stuff :-) PRICELESS! But feel free to make your own project :-)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Work, enthusiasm, people I met and a bit of luck.

 An unique necklace with a hand painted pendant with a girl singing to the moon and Swarovski cristals (two Octagons, 14 mm, Virial Light & Drop, 14 mm, Jet). Price - 18 €.

 A beautiful and unique necklace with a moon that sets over the sea and two little Swarovski cristals (Teardrop bead, 6 mm, Golden Shadow) on the gold plated chain. The penadant is 100% hand made, also hand painted. Price - 16 €. / SOLD OUT
A romantic necklace with a hand painted mermaid pendant, a Swarovski pearl and Swarovski cristals (Bicones, Cristal AB, 6 & 4 mm) on the gold plated chain. Price - 17 €.

Friday, 6 May 2011


My new collection SUMMER IN BARCELONA will be released on June 4th.

It includes vintage marine ornaments (becouse anchors are always hot when outside is more than 20 degrees), and lots of ethnic motives with wood, shells & mother of pearl.

My best colors for this season are red, blue & white for marine jewellery and pink, turquoise, foxy, brown & golden for ethnic stuff, that will look great with your tanned skin.

Most of the items will be made in single pices only.

Wow, spring has come!

 A brand new, colorful wrist watch with 48 Swarovski cristals (Briolettes, 6 mm). Includes battery. Fits to each wrist! :) Price - 20 €.
 A romantic bracelet with Swarovski cristals (Octagon, 14 mm, Bermuda Blue & Silver Shadow). Price - 15 €.
The lovely fish earrings :-) Aren't they sweet? :-) Price - 7 €. / SOLD

Monday, 2 May 2011

Poland - the only country when you can experience four seasons in one week

 Really unique earrings made of hand-braided balls and gold plated ornaments & hooks. Length with hooks - 6 cm. Price - 8 €.

 A very interesting bracelet with starfish & shell pendants, black pearls & little Swarovski cristals (Bicone, 4 mm, Sapphire). Price - 14 €.
A lovely pair of earrings with black pearls, onyx balls and a starfish pendants. Price - 10 €. / SOLD