Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Friday, 30 December 2011

It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely

The lovely bracelet made of black, matt Swarovski pearls, white glass pearls, and cute music pendants.  Price -15 € / SOLD OUT
The cute bracelet made of black, matt Swarovski pearls, rose glass pearls and MUSIC glitter inscription. Price - 15 €
 The rocking earrings with guitars. Price - 10 €.

 The double color, enamel guitar earrings. Price - 10 €.
A very blue bracelet made of glass pearls, blue coral and agates. Price - 12 €.
A mineral ring made of agates and white coral. Price - 12 €.

 A mineral bracelet made of agates and jade. Price - 12 €.

A sensitive and natural necklace made of a turquoise pice. Price - 8 €.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are.

 One of a kind necklace made of a turquoise honeycomb, a howlit tablet, and a quartz ball. Price - 15 €.


A lovely, colorful bracelet, made of amazing howlit tablets. Price - 15 €.

How do I want to look when I will be older.

A great picture of a beautiful woman - she exactly looks the way I want to look in her age! Amazing Eve Vaasmaa on her birthday with the jewelry I made for her.

Jewelry has become my daytime link to nature in an office with no windows.

An elegant necklace made of an onyx teardrop, onyx discs, Swarovski crystal, Swarovski pearls and the sterling silver chain. Length - 55 cm. Price - 20 € / SOLD OUT

Classical earrings made of Swarovski crystals. Length - 5 cm. Price - 10 € / SOLD OUT

 An amazing necklace made of deep green crystal pendant and silver plated chain. Length of the chain - 50 cm. Length of the crystal pendant - 7 cm. Price - 15 € / SOLD OUT

A mineral bracelet made of colorful agates and white coral. Length is adjustable! Price - 15 €.

A simple necklace made of blue agates and a turquoise coral ball. Length of the chain - 50 cm. Length of the pendant - 7 cm. Price - 10 €.

 A pastel bracelet made of glass pearls and Swarovski crystals. The bracelet fits to each wrist! Price - 13 €.

Sweet earrings made of dark pink pearls and lovely Swarovski crystals. Length - 9 cm. Price - 10 € / SOLD OUT

The unique earrings made of violet glass pearls and hoqlit pices. Length - 6 cm. Price - 8 €.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Christmas in a few days!

My dear followers! I would LOVE to wish you all the best for Christmas - a lot of delicious candies, amazing coffies, fantastic gifts, colorful Christmas trees, some snow in your winter wonderlands, and so many many many jewelry pices that shine in your ears, on your wrists and necks :)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

All I want for Christmas is you! Just kidding - give me some diamonds :)

 For all kitten lovers :) Cute 3D enamel kittens with black Swarovski pearls. Price - 12 €.
 Forbidden apples :) amazing 3D earrings with enamel apples. Price - 10 €.
 So elegant earrings with black Swarovski crystals. Price - 10 €.
 A beautiful bracelet made of Swarovskic rystals in black, yellow and aquamarine. Price - 15 €.
A black leather bracelet with a rocking heart pendant, butterflies and fuchsia Swarovski crystals. Price - 15 €.
Clever owls earrings with green frozen glass balls. Price - 12 €.
An woal necklace with a green frozen glass ball. Price - 13 €.

Owl studs :) Price - 7 €.
A lovely bracelet made of blue frozen glass balls and a dragonfly. Price - 15 €.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Getting out of my mind!

A simple unisex necklace made of sterling silver (925) only. Price - 45 € / SOLD
A lovely, spiral bracelet made of black & turquoise Swarovski pearls, black glass drops, oranments like little hearts & flowers, and pendants - a feather and a key. Price - 15 €.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

I saw a devil in blue jeans today

Funny earrings with clever owls and black Swarovski pearls. Price - 7 €.

Sweet earrings with giraffes and yellow frozen glass balls. Price - 7 €.

Lovely earrings with colorful guitars and orange cracle balls. Price - 6 €.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Not that I didn’t care, it’s that I didn’t know :)

 A spiral bracelet made of Swarovski crystals, petrol glass, acrylic, and enamel & frozen glass balls. Price - 15 € / SOLD OUT
An unique bracelet made of black Swarovski pearls, various blue Swarovski crystals, hand made polymer clay flower, frozen glass balls and a rocking heart. Price - 15 € / SOLD OUT

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

P.S. I love you SANTA!

Very Christmas earrings with lovable, enamel X-mass trees. Price - 7 €.

A blue bracelet made of frozen glass and some fancy Swarovski dragonflies. Price - 15 € / SOLD OUT
A winter necklace made of deep red cracle balls and a chain tassel. Price - 13 €.