Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Thursday, 31 March 2011

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

 Give me a key to stop the time. A vintage necklace with a big key, a clock, frozen glass balls and Swarovski Octagon, Cristal AB. Price - 15 €. / SOLD
 A vintage necklace with a bike, a lucite rose and a Swarovski Heart, Fuchsia, 10 mm. Price - 14 €. / SOLD
 Ethno wooden earrings. Price - 7 €.
 Sweet hand made polymer clay flowers on the pins. Price - 6 €. / SOLD
 Colorful square earrings on the pins. Price - 5 €.
 Adorable pocket watch necklace with Eiffel Tower with blue frozen glass ball, a swallow, a camera, on the circle with words "love, dream, hope, trust". Bronze plated chain, an ornamental clasp. Price - 20 €. / SOLD OUT
 Vintage camera earrings with red frozen glass balls. Price - 8 €. / SOLD

  A spiral ring made from red glass beads, a heart, a leaf and a little quartz ball. Price - 5 €.

 Lovely earrings with natural shells. Price - 14 €.

 Funny & copper earrings with hand painted lampworks. Price - 7 €. / SOLD
 A nice bracelet with vintage charms, green frozen glass balls, light pink spectra glass, green and bronze glass beads and cristals on a copper chain. Price - 14 €.

A oh-so-nice-necklace with red, brown and golden wooden balls on a yellow ribbon. Length is adjustable. Price - 13 €. / SOLD

Saturday, 26 March 2011


 Pretty nice bracelet with white glass pearls and Swarovski cristals (Jet Briolettes 8 mm and Bicone Cristal AB, 6 mm). Really elegant. Price - 15 €. / SOLD

 Colorful earrings with flowers and peace signs. Price - 8 €.
 Funny button earrings in pin and violet. Price - 10 €. / SOLD

 Funny button earrings in blck. Price - 8 €. / SOLD
 Keep-on-rocking earrings with guitars on pins. Price - 4 €.
Keep-on-rocking earrings with guitars on pins. Price - 4 €.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Welcome to my MAGIC GARDEN

 BELIEVE IN PEACE. Necklace with a pice sign, a dove, colorful hand made flowers and salomon pink ribbon on the bronze plated chain. Length - 52 cm. You can adjuce the length becouse of the ribbon. Price - 15 €.

 BELIEVE IN PEACE. Bracelet with a peace sign, colorful hand made flowers, clocks, gilded balls with cristals, lucite roses and little gilded flowers on the broze plated chain. Length is adjustable. Price - 14 €.

 BELIEVE IN PEACE. Earrings with peace signs. Price - 7 €.

 KEY TO MY GARDEN. Bracelet with a big key, hand made polymer clay flowers, swallows, Swarovski Cristals (Octagon, Cristal AB, 14 mm) on the brozne plated chain. Length will be matched to your wrist. Price - 18 €.

 KEEP CALM AND FLY. Bracelet with a big flower, Swarovski Crsiatls (Octagon, 14 mm, Silver Night & Vitral Light), frozen glass, hand made polymer clay flowers and swallow on the brozne plated chain. Length will be matched to your wrist. Price - 18 €.

 YOU ARE ALREADY HERE. Bracelet with frozen glass green balls, mysterious birds, nymphs and lucite roses on the brozne plated chain. Length will be matched to our wrist. Price - 15 €.

 SWALLOWS. Earrings with swallows and hand made flowers. Bronze plated. Price - 10 €.

 MYSTERIOUS BIRDS. Lovely earrings with birds and lucite roses. Price - 10 €.

 PURE LOVE. Eaeerings with brozne plated circles with white roses inside. Price - 10 €.

 HEART LOCKET. Sweet necklace with a heart locket (you can open it and put there a photo or a wish), a big key and white & pink lucite roses, on the bronze plated chain. Length of the chain - 60 cm, length of the pedant - 8 cm. Price - 18 €.

 I LOVE MY BIKE. Funny and romantic earrings with bronze plated bikes. Price - 7 €.

ROMANTIC. Sensitive necklace with a big openwork heart and a big white lucite rose. Length - 60 cm. Price - 15 €.

 ROMANTIC. Sensitive earrings with big lcite white roses. Price - 10 €.

 BONSAI. Earrings with Japanese trees embedded in the red glass. Copper hooks. Price - 10 €.

 MINIMALIST. Sweet hand made roses on the pins. Price - 7 €.

CLEVER HEAD OWLS. Lovely earrings with owls with lots of colorful cristals. Length - 7 cm.              Price - 12 €.

 CLEVER HEAR OWL. Necklace with an owl pedant on the silver plated chain. Length of the chain is adjustable. Price - 12 €.

 THE QUEEN OF MY COLLECTION. Big necklace with a flower and loads (LOADS!) of colorful frozen glass balls. Length - 60 cm. Price - 25 €.

 SWEET. Bracelet with colorful hand made flowers and pink frozen glass balls. Price - 15 €.

 LET ME EAT IT! Biscuits :) Price - 9 €.

 LET ME EAT IT! Earrings with cakes and pink frozen glass balls. Price - 10 €.

 LET ME EAT IT! Cake pices :-) Price - 8 €.

 TIME PASSES BY... Earrings with clocks. Price - 6 €.

 PEACE IS THE KEY. Necklace with a big peace pedant, Swarovski Cristals (Briolettes Jet and Bicone Cristal AB), on the chain which I made from little peace signs. Love it. Length - 64 cm. Length of the pedant - 7 cm. Price - 16 €.

PEACE IS THE KEY. Earrings with big peace signs and Swarovski cristals (Jet Briolettes). Price - 10 €.

The whole gain will be given to the International Red Cross to help tsunami victims in Japan.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

You know, spring is here.

 Cute earrings with heart pattern nacre. Price - 8 €.

Colorful squares :---------) size - 1 cm. Price - 5 €.

Monday, 21 March 2011

vintage a bit

 Vintage rose watch necklace with a white flower and a cute bird on the bronze plated chain. Size of the watch - 4,5 x 3 cm. Length of the chain - 80 cm, but may be shorter if you need. Includes battery. Price - 18 €.
Lovely "lacy" earrings with field pedants. Length - 10 cm. Price - 8 €.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Believe me or not but anchors are still HOT :)

A summer necklace with marine pedants, glass beads, pearls and Swarovski cristall ball (14 mm) on the silver plated chain. Length of the chain - aprox. 75 cm; length of the pedant - 7 cm. Price - 15 €.

I just need more chocolate

Classical bracelet with black Swarovski pearls (6 & 10 mm) and sterling silver (925) twisted tubes. Price - 16 €. / sold out
 Romantic earrings with openwork leafs and bottle-green frozen glass balls. Length - 10 cm. Price - 10 €. / sold out
Little leaf earrings with green cracle balls. Length - 4 cm. Price - 5 €. / sold out