Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Friday, 25 March 2011

Welcome to my MAGIC GARDEN

 BELIEVE IN PEACE. Necklace with a pice sign, a dove, colorful hand made flowers and salomon pink ribbon on the bronze plated chain. Length - 52 cm. You can adjuce the length becouse of the ribbon. Price - 15 €.

 BELIEVE IN PEACE. Bracelet with a peace sign, colorful hand made flowers, clocks, gilded balls with cristals, lucite roses and little gilded flowers on the broze plated chain. Length is adjustable. Price - 14 €.

 BELIEVE IN PEACE. Earrings with peace signs. Price - 7 €.

 KEY TO MY GARDEN. Bracelet with a big key, hand made polymer clay flowers, swallows, Swarovski Cristals (Octagon, Cristal AB, 14 mm) on the brozne plated chain. Length will be matched to your wrist. Price - 18 €.

 KEEP CALM AND FLY. Bracelet with a big flower, Swarovski Crsiatls (Octagon, 14 mm, Silver Night & Vitral Light), frozen glass, hand made polymer clay flowers and swallow on the brozne plated chain. Length will be matched to your wrist. Price - 18 €.

 YOU ARE ALREADY HERE. Bracelet with frozen glass green balls, mysterious birds, nymphs and lucite roses on the brozne plated chain. Length will be matched to our wrist. Price - 15 €.

 SWALLOWS. Earrings with swallows and hand made flowers. Bronze plated. Price - 10 €.

 MYSTERIOUS BIRDS. Lovely earrings with birds and lucite roses. Price - 10 €.

 PURE LOVE. Eaeerings with brozne plated circles with white roses inside. Price - 10 €.

 HEART LOCKET. Sweet necklace with a heart locket (you can open it and put there a photo or a wish), a big key and white & pink lucite roses, on the bronze plated chain. Length of the chain - 60 cm, length of the pedant - 8 cm. Price - 18 €.

 I LOVE MY BIKE. Funny and romantic earrings with bronze plated bikes. Price - 7 €.

ROMANTIC. Sensitive necklace with a big openwork heart and a big white lucite rose. Length - 60 cm. Price - 15 €.

 ROMANTIC. Sensitive earrings with big lcite white roses. Price - 10 €.

 BONSAI. Earrings with Japanese trees embedded in the red glass. Copper hooks. Price - 10 €.

 MINIMALIST. Sweet hand made roses on the pins. Price - 7 €.

CLEVER HEAD OWLS. Lovely earrings with owls with lots of colorful cristals. Length - 7 cm.              Price - 12 €.

 CLEVER HEAR OWL. Necklace with an owl pedant on the silver plated chain. Length of the chain is adjustable. Price - 12 €.

 THE QUEEN OF MY COLLECTION. Big necklace with a flower and loads (LOADS!) of colorful frozen glass balls. Length - 60 cm. Price - 25 €.

 SWEET. Bracelet with colorful hand made flowers and pink frozen glass balls. Price - 15 €.

 LET ME EAT IT! Biscuits :) Price - 9 €.

 LET ME EAT IT! Earrings with cakes and pink frozen glass balls. Price - 10 €.

 LET ME EAT IT! Cake pices :-) Price - 8 €.

 TIME PASSES BY... Earrings with clocks. Price - 6 €.

 PEACE IS THE KEY. Necklace with a big peace pedant, Swarovski Cristals (Briolettes Jet and Bicone Cristal AB), on the chain which I made from little peace signs. Love it. Length - 64 cm. Length of the pedant - 7 cm. Price - 16 €.

PEACE IS THE KEY. Earrings with big peace signs and Swarovski cristals (Jet Briolettes). Price - 10 €.

The whole gain will be given to the International Red Cross to help tsunami victims in Japan.


  1. One of my favourite collections! Got many compliments, anytime I wore the items ( earrings, chain, bracelet ) I really , really like it. Great work!

  2. Thank you, Kathi :-) I'm so so sooooooooo happy you like it :D