Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A dream about mermaids!

Finally my new summer collection - A DREAM ABOUT MERMAIDS! Thank you so much to Veritu Model Management . Models - Monika Ch. and Sandra J. Photos by Łukasz Grzella.
Hope you enjoy summer and my lovely holiday stuff!

 A bracelet made of sand thong, shells and Swarovski crystals. Price - 14 €.

 Earrings with glitter anchors and Swarovski crystals. Price - 11 €.

 Earrings made of Swarovski crystals, murano glass and enamel fish pendants. Price - 15 €.

 A necklace with Swarovski crystals, murano glass and enamel fish pendants. Price - 12 €.

A necklace with a big murano shark on a navy blue braid. Price - 10 €.

 Earrings with big braided balls, Swarovski crystals and steres. Price - 12 € / SOLD OUT

 Earrings with glitter anchors, Swarovski crystals and turquoise. Price - 10 €.

 A necklace with a lovely enamel boat, an anchor, a fish, a shell, Swarovski crystals and turquoise balls. Price - 12 €.

 Little earrings with coral pices. Price - 7 €.

 A necklace with a little coral pendant on a sterling silver chain. Price - 18 €. If you want a silver plated chain it will cost 7 €.

 A necklace with a murano starfish on a white braid. Price - 10 €.

 A bracelet with blue and white braids and pendants: an anchor, a mermaid and a shell. Price - 13 € / SOLD OUT

 Earrings with flower studs, Swarovski crystals and murano glass. Price - 10 €.

 A bracelet made of blue and white thongs and Swarovski crystals. Price - 15 €.

 A bracelet made of blue, red and white twines. Price - 7 € / SOLD OUT

 Earrings made of white and red mother of pearl circles and glitter anchors. Price - 8 €.

 Bracelet made of Swarovski crystals, murano glass, natural coral and shells. Price - 15 €.

 An unique necklace with a bottle that has real amber inside, murano glass, a shell on a twine line. Price - 10 € / SOLD OUT

 A bracelet with turquoise and white twines, Swarovski crystals, frozen glass, shells and a dolphin. Price - 15 €.

 Earrings with big mother of pearl turquoise circles and mermaids. Price - 10 €.

 Earrings made of Swarovski starfish. Price - 10 €.

 A bracelet with blue and white twines, white coral, murano glass, Swarovski crystals and marine pendants. Price - 15 € / SOLD OUT

 Earrings with mother of pearl coins with anchor pattern and big coral balls. Price - 10 €.

 An elastic bracelet with mother of perals coins and white coral. Price - 10 €.

 A bracelet with frozen & murano glass, a chain and a glitter starfish. Price - 10 €.

 Earrings with murano glass and glitter starfish. Price - 10 €.

 A necklace with a big, natural shell, Swarovski crystals, a ship, white coral and ecru pearls. Price - 12 € / SOLD OUT

 A bracelet with a Swarovski starfish, a ship and pearls. Price - 8 €.

 A necklace with an unique bottle that has tiny shells and sand inside with Swarovski crystal on a blue bow. Price - 10 €.

 A bracelet with an unique bottle that has tiny shells inside, with Swarovski crystals. Price - 10 €.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feather weather!

Feather, especially colorful, pastel ones are so on top this season. I believe you'll fall in love with those lovely pices as much as I did!

 Birds of paradise! Sweet earrings with birds, blue feathers and acrylic crystals. Price - 10 €.

 A necklace with a turquoise feather and a little butterfly. Price - 8 €.

 Carnival earrings with turquoise and hot pink feathers. Price - 10 €.

 A sweet necklace with blue & pink feathers and a little flower. Price - 12 €.

So summery earrings with yellow and green feathers. Price - 10 €.