Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Friday, 17 September 2010

yes, I AM different, but that's okey :)

The cupid earrings with pink agate. Price - 12 e.

The bubble fairy necklace. Respect the bubbles! :) Price - 16 e
The supersweet lollipop necklace with Swarovski cristals. Price - 16 e.
The spiral bracelet made from glass beads, pearls, Swarovski cristals, the lovely big ribbon & an angel's wing. Price - 17 €. / SOLD OUT
The bee earrings. Remind me birds and beeeeeeeeeees :D Price - 13 e. / SOLD OUT

The sewing bracelet made from glass beads. Price - 16 e. / SOLD OUT
The camera spiral bracelet with coloursul quartz. Price - 17 e. / SOLD OUT

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