Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Life is but a dream - how it all began :)

Many of my friends and customers ask me about my history and you would like to know how it all began, that here you have hundreds of my jewels.
I've been always totally into jewellery, but I've never been satisfied. There have always been something wrong in earrings, I didn't like them as much as I wanted. And one very important thing - I hate to have what everyone has. I had a choice - to buy something in Bijou in quite well quality in affordable price, but I'm allergic to nickel which is a principal component of each pice of jewellery; or to buy some silver jewels in a jewellery store and spent there a fortune.

5 years ago I got a bead-set from my German aunt and I fell in love blindly. Wau, here I had a chance to create something by myself! But it wasn't as easy as I thought. I tried some bead plays with glass beads and gut, but it looked quite okey. Week after week, month after month and made better pices and they were possible to wear. I've never thought I have any manual skills, becouse I really cannot draw or paint.

I realized I'm able to create little cuties and miracles. I've been making some gifts for my family and then I was told if I wouldn't like to sell them, becouse there're good enough to be woren by another women. I made tens of earrings and simple necklaces & my mom took it to her work. I was shocked when she told me everything's sold out and she brought me my first jewelry-money!

Then I created a Facebook account and I started to show you my works. I was boundlessly happy seeing how much you appreciated my jewellery. After a month or a bit more I got my first international order! I remember it perfectly like it was yesterday :) then it was just a moment when I got more and more. Now I have two on-line stores, in Norway and Germany, tens of orders everyday, I prepare season collections and I'm pretty sure that life is but a dream, but the world belongs to those who follows their wishes. Money doesn't bring me joy, the biggest pleasure is to read your comments and to see you wearing my jewellery.
Thank you.

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