Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Close your eyes

 A necklace with an elephant, black lava and crystal glass beads. Price - 15 €.

 A nacklace with a brown elephant on a raw thong and a wooden pice. Price - 8 €.

A necklace with with a native American, a shell ball and black glass beads. Price - 15 €.

A necklace with a native American, wooden pices, desert sand pices and brown glass beads. Price - 15 €.

 A senistive bracelet with tiny black glass beads and a pink feather. Price - 6 €.

 A sensitive bracelet with tiny black glass beads and a black feather. Price - 6 €.

A crystal candy bracelet - an elastic one with a coral rose and pink Swarovski crystals. Price - 14 €.

 Ethno earrings with Tibet silver feathers and orange howlit disks. Price - 10 €.

 An elegant necklace with a big silver flower and a Swarovski crystal. Price - 10 €.

Very elegant earrings with huge acrylic crystals and ecru pearls. Price - 10 €.

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