Aga's Jewellery

Aga's Jewellery

Friday, 22 June 2012

Welcome summer!

Here it is - the first day of summer! In my town 13 degrees and rain. What a day. But to make the mood better some fine uploads :)

An amazing necklace made of bisquit coral, Swarovski crystals, glass, pearls and gold plated ornamnets. Price - 50 € / SOLD

Crystal candy earrings made of Swarovski crystals. Aren't they incredibly sweet? :) Price - 13 €.

 Clever owls with black Swarovski crystals. Price - 10 €.
 Elegant earrings with black Swarovski balls. Price - 15 €.
 Elegant earrings with white Swarovski balls. Price - 15 €.

An unique bracelet with a ring with feathers and turquoise balls. Price - 20 €.


  1. Hi there
    Welcome summer!
    Beautiful choice! Awesome article and straight to the point. I definitely believe what you stated!